I feel like I’ve just hit the jackpot.

And by jackpot, I mean I’ve discovered delicious, cheap, fresh food in the most unexpected place imaginable. Yes, I’m talking about in the basement of a hare krishna temple. Don’t you just love that?

You can wander past this place without doing a double take. There’s no large neon sign. No flyers. No people advertising outside. It’s good ol’ fashioned word-of-mouth marketing and of course many thanks to all of you. When you walk in, look past the man that sits by the door and past the temple services and to your right you will find Govinda’s. Picture this: Walk down a flight of stairs into what looks like a much-needed-rennovation space that reminds me of an older catering hall/cafeteria. The walls are a interesting shade of green and it’s a veryyyy casual atmosphere. And….. I love all of it.

The staff here is incredibly friendly and always have a smile on their faces. If you look at the sign on the wall (see picture) it’ll tell you the price breakdown. Everything is made that day (buffet style) and fresh out of the kitchen. Their desserts for the most part are vegan so if you have dietary restrictions, always ask! They’re very accommodating.

As for the food. Holy cow (irony, I know) this stuff is GOOD. No GREAT. They offer vegetarian/vegan options without sacrificing any flavor. I’ve been able to each lunch here (Mon-Fri 12:00-3:30pm) a few times and their star dish IMO has to be the eggplant parm. It’s not your traditional eggplant parm by any means in that there’s a underlying hint of curry with every bite. Super “meaty” and cheesy. I’ve also had their: pumpkin soup, quinoa salad, curry chickpeas, roasted curry potatoes/veggies, vegan cookies and cupcakes. Their meals come with their own homemade multigrain bread which is pretty stellar like everything else.

Not only are the portions pretty hefty (I have yet to finish my full lunch), but they’re very reasonably priced. Everything I’ve had here has been nothing short of amazing. I’m looking forward to becoming one of their “regulars”.

305 Schermerhorn St
Brooklyn, NY 11217
(718) 855-6714


This place is ARTrageous!

Wall-Artrageous   Paint-Artrageous

Two things I love:

1. Art (Pottery)
2. Wine

Pottery+Wine+Friends= my Friday night.

I couldn’t think of a better way to catch up with my friends from home. ARTrageous! is an adorable find in the heart of Rockville Center. It’s a fun alternative to the other sorts of debauchery we find ourselves in while visiting RVC.

Friday is BYOB* night. Call ahead of time (day of is fine) and reserve a table. They want you to come at 6:30pm-9:30pm but if you walk in a bit later that’s fine. They offer a hearty selection of snacks. We had pizza, strawberries, cake, veggies, etc. Don’t be shy about grabbing seconds**… they basically come to your table telling you to take more.

Tables-Artrageous   My Platter-Artrageous

When you walk in, to your left you’ll see an array of different pieces to choose from. Yes, some can get pretty expensive. But the average piece is about $20-$30. A little mug may be like $10 and the giant platter may cost $45. So plan accordingly. Once you pick your piece, bring it to the register where you can pay. They have a wall of paints that you can choose from (hardest decision of my day, no joke) and they display what each of the colors will look like once fired. Very convenient. Grab as many paints/brushes as you like… you can bring them to your table so you don’t have to keep getting up for more.

ARTrageous! played fun, upbeat music throughout the night. I was glad to see that even on a reallyyyy cold day (thanks polar vortex) it was packed. There were people of all ages (above 21 of course) and both men/women. My friends and I brought some Riesling and had a blast. The staff members were so nice and said that if we didn’t finish, we can always take some of the supplies home. And it takes about 2 weeks, (depending on how busy they are) till you can pick up your finished piece. I ended up painting a chip/dip plate (see pic) which was very fun. If you’re looking for a relaxing night out, I’d highly recommend coming here. I can tell people think it’s pretty pricey… but for the amount of supplies, food, atmosphere, space, service and selection of pieces… it’s worth it.

*People don’t mess around with their drinks. I saw some women with a concoction of jungle juice. They take BYOB very seriously.
**Yes, that person is me.

5 N Village Ave

Rockville Centre, NY 11570

(516) 255-5255