Melt Shop


I’ve seen Melt Shops all around NYC and was so excited to see a location opened up in the new Dining District in Roosevelt Field Mall! I mean, who doesn’t love a good grilled cheese? And tater tots? It’s comfort food and carb city at its finest.

From perusing the menu, I opted for their BLT. I immediately saw the words whole grain and TRUFFLE MAYO and was sold. The sandwich was a hearty size and the fact that it was under $5 is a good deal. I enjoyed the whole grain bread which was thin and toasted well. The roasted tomatoes and applewood smoked bacon melded perfectly together. And instead of your classic iceberg lettuce, they switched it up and used arugula. My only suggestion is that I wish there was more “filling” between the bread. There was only a tiny bit of greens which I think the sandwich needed. Overall, the ratio of veggies needs to be increased. It was definitely lacking in that dept. Other than that, the flavors worked well.

I also ordered a side of Shop Tots which is essentially Tater Tots topped with parmesan cheese. It was a good side for my meal. Can’t wait to come back and try that Nutella Shake. It’s calling me!

630 Old Country Rd
Garden City, NY 11530

(516) 405-3231


Diggin’ This Food!


Digger’s is everything that I look for in an Irish pub plus more. They take it to the next level here. Not only do they serve typical Irish fare, they also have menu items that are really outside-the-box in terms of taste and creativity. Oh, and they have a killer selection of beers on tap. That’s a huge plus too.

Inside is casual and comforting. There’s ample seating in both the dining area as well as at the bar. And during the weekend they have a live band which is great. I love that their beers are always rotating and since the Riverhead area has a ton of breweries, you’re getting what’s local.

Now let’s talk food. Having tried an assortment of items from the menu I can’t decide what’s my favorite, but I’ll try to break it down for you:

-Coconut Shrimp: Ridiculously good. They coat the shrimp in a special breading that’s JUST sweet enough and they pair it with a honey dijon sauce to off-set the sweetness so it’s perfectly balanced. One of my favorites of the night. It had the definite crunch factor.
-Pull Pork Tacos: I mean, how can you go wrong? Really. Is it healthy? Nope. Is it delicious? YES.
-Spinach Artichoke Dip: The ultimate app. It’s super creamy and addictive.
-Kobe Beef Burger: This was a special of the night. Saw the words Kobe Beef… say no more. The burger first of all was massive. It was sandwiched between two hearty buns and topped with cheese, smoked pickles and can’t remember what else, but it was so so good. And it came with steak fries. I had to split it with someone since I couldn’t eat the whole thing. Props to the chef on that one.

At Digger’s you feel right at home. The people there treat their customers like family and if the atmosphere doesn’t persuade you enough, the food certainly will. Can’t wait to come back here.

58 W Main St
Riverhead, NY 11901

(631) 369-3200

The Little Beet!

Sorry folks I haven’t been on in a while. It’s been a busy past couple of months! I started Grad School (woah, right?) and I’m just getting into that summer mode! (Perks of working in Education.) But, I’m back and with a cool new (healthy!) spot to boot.


How far is one willing to trek to get healthy, high quality food? Well. I’m not ashamed to say that I drove 30 min to Roosevelt Field Mall just for the Little Beet. It’s worth the trip.

If you haven’t been to RF Mall in the past several months, they have revamped their entire food court into what is now called the “Dining District”. And finally I have a healthy place to eat at! It’s right smack in the middle of the food court. For $10 you can pick a Protein (chicken, steak, tofu, salmon, veggie) + a side. There’s a bunch so I won’t name them all. ($12 for protein & 2 sides, $14 for protein and 3 sides)

From visiting a few times, I’ve had the opportunity to try a bunch of their grilled vegetables which are fantastic. My favorites include:
-Roasted Sweet Potatoes with sea salt & pecorino
-Roasted Cauliflower with olive & lemon oil
-Lentils with avocado, oranges, pecans, kale & ginger
-Buckwheat Soba Noodles

As for their proteins: chicken and steak were fantastic. Make sure to ask for their spicy/smoky maple sauce (I think that’s what it is). It’s got quite the kick and really pairs well with the meal. Trying to eat healthy? You don’t have to sacrifice flavor for clean eating! Not with the Little Beet anyway.

Looking Back On 2014…

Hello my fellow food friends,

I hope you had a fantastic holiday season and New Year Celebration. Looking back, 2014 was a crazy year filled with amazing memories, a trip to Italy and of course delicious eats! I’ve had the opportunity to explore Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn and Long Island more than ever. Along the way, I’ve discovered my love for new foods thanks to the help of my friends and food-lovers.

This year I’ve tried:


-Xiao Long Bao (Soup dumplings)

-Hand-pulled noodles

-The famous DKA from Dominique Ansel’s bakery (no cronut yet…. it’s on my list)

Etc., Etc., Etc. (to name a few!)

To my readers…. thank you so much, for taking the time to hear what I have to say. I hope you enjoy my perspective and maybe someplace I visit will become your next stop! So here’s to another year of GREAT food, WONDERFUL people and LONG LASTING memories.



me 2

A Trip to Woorijip

woorijip_sign              woorikip

K-town has always been one of my favorite places to visit. It’s a lot more hustling and bustling these days than it used to be. I guess people are discovering their love for Korean food! That being said… the restaurants have gone up quite a bit in prices. However, Woorijip is one of the more reasonable establishments around.

Inside this little nook is a bright, clean place with a surprisingly decent amount of seating. Woorijip cranks out tons of delicious food daily. They have a pretty big buffet with both cold/hot choices. What’s delicious: bulgogi (shredded korean beef), kimbap, kimchi (fermented cabbage… Spicy good.), japchae (glass noodles), squid, noodles, dumplings and more! They also have some more familiar items like fried rice and garlic chicken. They have trays and containers that are weighed by the lb. (I think $7.99/lb) You can slide down the buffet and beyond that they sell individual containers with food as well… If you’re in a rush or more of a “on-the-go” type. It’s also great because if you’re not familiar with the Korean cuisine, you can try a bunch of things and for a decent price. Total win. Yeah for being adventurous!
I’m not sure if they weight the food factoring out the tray and container… but I hope they do cause that wouldn’t be cool. But my meal was a little less than $10. Not too shabby! (And for a plate that I almost didn’t finish.) And that was with a water bottle too. ($1)

It seriously doesn’t get any better than this. Can’t wait to come back. If you’re a beginner to Korean food, come to Woorijip. You won’t be disappointed.


12 W 32nd St
New York, NY 10001


(212) 244-1115

Ciao Friends!

Hello everyone!

Sorry for being MIA the past week or so. The reason being, I was traveling in Italy! Which means, I have quite a bit of writing to catch up on. I visited middle to the south of Italy — Napoli, Sorrento, Roma, Capri, Almafi Coast and Pompeii! So while I’m churning some ideas to put on paper, here’s some photos from my trip. Hope you enjoy.



Fresh bread. Yum.

Fresh bread. Yum.

Croissants from the hotel in Sorrento, Italy.

Croissants from the hotel in Sorrento, Italy.

Homemade Pizza in Napoli, Italy

Homemade Pizza in Napoli, Italy

Shake Shack Attack


I have been found guilty… of never trying Shake Shack until recently.
Seriously. Where have you been all my life?!

This SS is located right in the middle of Madison Square Park. The perfect place to grab a burger and a shake. Here’s some of my first impressions:
-They serve dog treats? Interesting!
-They give you the buzzers that you use in restaurants to know when your food is ready. Aka you can walk around the park and still get your food piping hot!
-Such cute to-go food containers.
-Reasonable prices? Sweet flavors? Heck yes.

I loved the organization of it. The staff was super friendly. One guy came around with free samples of the custard which was a nice surprise. Like many other places, I’ve heard so much hype… and this 100% matched it! I tried a vanilla shake which was fantastic… it brought me right back to my childhood — getting milkshakes right off the ice cream truck. The burgers are juicy and overflowing with LTO love which is what I (and hopefully everyone) look for in a burger. The fries are crisp, crunchy and pillow-y on the inside. Shall I go on? They also have a cute stand on the side of the kiosk where you can get free water, condiments, utensils/cutlery, etc. Super convenient. Super unhealthy. And SO WORTH IT.

shake-shack-shake-burger*Not to mention… not only was it beautiful weather at the time, but there was a jazz festival going on yesterday so I think that added to the overall ambiance/AMAZINGNESS that is SS. Smooth Jazz, Sweet Shakes and Sunny Weather…. first experience was a positive one! This is definitely my favorite location of all the shacks in Manhattan.

Madison Square Park
E 23rd St & Madison Ave
New York, NY 10010
(212) 889-6600